Abandoned Baby in Aralvaimozhi, KK District

On August 20, 2013 a new born male baby only 2 days old was abandoned by its parents near the S.A.Raja Dental College, Aralvai Mozhil, Nagarcoil, Kanyakumari District. The baby should have been thrown away in the early hours of the day. Two men when crossing the way around 10.30 P.M saw the baby and informed the nearby police station.  The police immediately rescued the baby and admitted in Nagercoil Medical College Hospital. The baby was found to have been affected by extreme sun burn on its face and other parts of the body. Later the doctors also diagnosed Jaundice. After being treated in the intensive care unit in the same hospital, with the help of the District Social Welfare Officer Mrs.Umapathy, Kanyakumari Childline and the Child Welfare Committee the baby was taken to Saranalayam, Tirunelveli. The baby was received by the Adoption Coordinator Mr.S.Mangalakkumar and Sr. Jeya. Further care and medical treatments are under way.