Open Shelter Programme

This programme was started in the year 1993. This was approved by the Government of Tamilnadu in the year 1997 and afterwards this progamme has been modified many times. Now it is name as “Open Shelter Program for the Street Children”.  This is monitored by Ministry of Women and Child Development and Department of Social Defence, Government of Tamilnadu. 

This progamme was initiated by the Department of Social Defence, for  children who are classified as rag pickers, child labour, beggars, street and working children, small vendors, street performers, orphaned, deserted, trafficked and run away children, children of migrant population and any other vulnerable group of children come under open shelter programme. 

The children who are not willing to go to school either remain at home or roaming around the places without any aim and ambitions in their life and such children are asked and advised to come under open shelter programme and these children are allowed to remain in the institution during the day and leave to their respective homes in the evening but for the children who are homeless are allowed to stay back.

Activities of open shelter programme.

  • Identifying the children and providing them relief,
  • Counseling them to get accustomed to the environment and with the inmates
  • Providing skills and informal schooling and other vocational trainings.
  • Giving them a scope for a better future
  • Using techniques like music, drama, storytelling, outings and other child friendly methodologies to attract and sustain the interest of the children.


The sanctioned strength by the government order is 50. Apart from the 25 existing children, 17 new children were identified and admitted in this program. Now 42 children are benefiting from this programme

Technical studies

  • Under this programme Tailoring, Typewriting and Computer are taught to the girl children and for the male children Computer, Typewriting and Electrical Training are given. 
  • 9 are getting Electrical Training
  • 3 and 12 girls are learning Tailoring and Typewriting respectively. 
  • The children are admitted in a Professional Computer Centre in Tirunelveli Junction

Our Participation in State Level Meeting

  • On 09.09.2012 – Our representatives participated in the newly formed “State Level Observatory for Monitoring Child Rights”
  • On 15.09.2012 – Department of Social Defence – Meeting in Mdurai Regional Office- One day seminor on HIV Diseases in Children’s Home.
  • 04.11.2012 – Meeting in Secretariat Chennai – Headed by Social Welfare Minister Mrs. Valarmathy – Meeting to the Non-Governmental Organization