Vision & Mission

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For Seeds on the Streets...

Our Vision

Saranalayam seeks to rehabilitate and reconstruct the life of those children stranded on streets; by offering hope and support through consistently fighting against all kinds of abuse, making sure that every child is protected and their rights safeguarded.

Our Mission

Saranalayam is a credible institution in the forefront of social action to reach out to the most vulnerable children in society, especially in and around the district of Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India.

  • We attempt to eradicate the problem of child labor to restore the lives of street children;
  • We actively engage in the promotion and restoration of the basic Child rights by preventing infanticide, protecting children from abuse, offering basic education, lobbying for child development and advocating child rights awareness;
  • We involve in improving the life style of affected children, unwed mothers, abandoned babies and women in difficult circumstances;
  • With collaboration and productive partnership with the government personnel we launch their schemes and development policies; and
  • We inspire and enrich the minds of the general public for proaction to offer safe environment to children everywhere.