Please Donate

It is very crucial to make sure that we have enough resources to continue this daunting task of providing for and protecting the lives of children. Saranalayam incurs a lot of expenses from day one to the final stage of recovering a child’s life. Expenses largely concentrate on food and shelter not to say the provisions of other needs. At times, Saranalayam spends huge money on the children’s health issues as well.

Your donations could be weekly, monthly, bi-weekly or annual. This is to make sure that we have consistent financial reserve to peacefully advance in promoting the cause of the abandoned children who need the most immediate and emphatic support from all of us. If you want to help us it would take just a few steps to join Saranalayam in its fight against child abuse and their recovery. 

Option One: Special Projects

Saranalayam has been launching various projects time and again to effectively engage in the fight against child abuse. Projects like Reception Unit, Open Shelter Program are a few examples. Also, construction of buildings, spacious living rooms for girls and other recreational goods are a few other projects. The infants living at Vidiyal need medical equipments, nutritious food, play toys, dresses, diapers, educational tools and many.

Option Two: General Expenses

Saranalayam meets the expenses on all children both infants at Vidiyal and the neglected children at Sarnalayam. If you can, please regularly contribute to sustain these everyday expenditure - weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or annual. We can assist you to make a direct debit from your bank account to ours. 

Click Here to download the Authorization Agreement Form to complete this process. Once you have filled in, send it to the Saranalayam office

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