Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main functions of Saranalayam?

Saranalayam is the name of the center in which Adoption Monitoring Agency, Rescue Center, Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Child Line-1098, Reception Unit, Girls Residence, Boys Residence, Home Schooling and Gypsy Children Development (GCD) function. It is situated in Tirunelveli, District of Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India.

2. Who runs Saranalayam?

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Palayamkottai shepherded by Rt. Rev. Jude Paulraj D.D., M.A., under the backing of T.S.S.S. run this institution. It is in itself a non-profit organization.

3. With what Government plans, schemes and orders Saranalayam is a partner of?

Saranalayam is partner with National Child Line 1098, Central Adoption Resource Authority, District Social Welfare Department and other Child Protection Schemes of the Government                                                                                                    

4. What is ChildLine India Foundation?

CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF) is the central nodal agency for the replication of the CHILDLINE service. It was established on 28th May 1999 and registered under the Society's Registration Act of 1960 and the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1890.

5. How does ChildLine-1098 function at Saranalayam?

Saranalayam has the privilege of operating Child Line 1098 with special staff working 24/7. The special staff employed by Saranalayam will answer all calls dialed from within Tirunelveli, Tuticorin and Kanyakumari districts.

6. Who can dial 1098, and what does it cost?

Anyone with a purpose to help a child in distress can dial 1098, and it is a FREE call. The reason behind calling is to respond to a suffering child in distress. Any child can go over to a public telephone booth and dial 1098.

7. What is rescue of children?

Children in distress, be it in family or other situations run away from their homes. Once they are out of home, they are on streets begging, employed in menial under-paid jobs or rag picking. Some of them fall prey to social delinquents and become aggressive as they grow. The staff of Saranalayam periodically go and watch for unattended children at Railway Stations, Bus Stops, Commercial Complexes, Streets, Rag Picking areas and rescue them.

8. What happens after the rescued children arrive at Saranalayam?

First of all they are provided food and see if they need any medical aid. Then they are enrolled in the National Child Line portal online; enabling all Child Line agencies across the country to know who is where? After counseling, the children are reached to their biological parents. Those others remain at Saranalayam.

9. What happens to orphaned children?

The orphaned children at Saranalayam are provided with residential home. Those who would like to continue their education are put in the near by schools both private and Government. Those who want to learn technical skills are trained in the area of their interest.

10. How are girls and boys separated?

The girls have their residential home completely separated from boys home. Religious nuns of the Cluny Sisters administer the girls unit.

11. What is Vidiyal Home?

Vidiyal home is situated at Alankulam. Here is where the rescued infants are cared and protected until they are given in adoption to suitable parents. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny serve to attend to the everyday care of children at Vidiyal. The office of Adoption unit is situated at Saranalayam premises.

12. How does Saranalayam know about an abandoned baby?

Cops and other benevolent first responders usually approach Saranalayam on happening to see any abandoned baby. The Saranalayam staff immediately rush to the concerned spot and rescue the child while completing the legal procedures to do so.

13. Who are abandoned babies?

Babies of commercial sex workers, babies of unwanted pregnancy, babies of parents committing suicides, babies of parents not wanting to raise them, babies facing potential threat due to feud, conflicting situation and hostility in their families etc. are the abandoned babies.

14. How does Saranalayam meet the huge expenses?

Saranalayam is a non-profit organization. Generous donors both in India and from abroad donate monies to Saranalayam. Some people donate materially like offering food, dress during festive times, supporting children's education, buying notebooks from Saranalayam notebook making unit etc.

15. How can I support Saranalayam ministries?

If you have a bank account in any Indian bank, money can be automatically made to credit Saranalayam bank account from your account. For this you need to authorize. The automatic withdrawal from your account can be made monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annual. Contact Saranalayam if you would like to donate. Or you can donate in other usual ways. Or you can buy notebooks manufactured at Saranalayam notebook making unit for your institutions and schools and thus support us.

16. What type of development program is offered to Gypsy Children?

Gypsy children belong to a unique tribe with a unique way of living. Their educational and awareness level is not good enough to be safe and secure in terms of health and other risks. They are taught basic hygiene, education and awareness on HIV/AIDS and other STD diseases, on ways to contact people during emergency times etc.

17. How can I volunteer at Saranalayam?

If you want to volunteer click on Volunteer menu, download Volunteer Registration form and send it to Saranalayam office. You will be contacted soon.

18. How are babies given in adoption?

The Adoption Unit at Saranalayam work closely linked with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA). Prospective parents can register for adopting children through the Adoption Unit. For detailed guidelines click Adoption Unit under Services in Generally all procedures from pre-adoption process to post-adoption process are strictly done. Once the parents are found eligible to raise a child, on a given date the parents are asked to come to Saranalayam to receive the baby.

19. Can I have the baby of my choice to adopt?

No. The parents have no choice to make on the babies. It is completely a prerogative privilege of Saranalayam.

20. Can a foreign national adopt babies from Sarnalayam?

No. Only in-country adoption is monitored through Sarnalayam Adoption Unit.

21. What should I do to register to adopt a baby at Saranalayam?

Contact Saranalayam Adoption Unit or visit, click Adoption Unit for more information.