Let us unite to protect Children

Are you ready to be the first responder?

Fr.Jeyabalan AEvery child is the future society in person. Every society and government have the fullest obligation and duty to safeguard and offer safe environment to children. Children have their right to live their life with joy, happiness and peace. No one can ever dare spoil their world.

In a thumping, landmark order, in the Anchorage Shelter Home case, the Supreme Court Bench of Justices P Sathasivam and BS Chauhan said, "Children are the greatest gift to humanity. The sexual abuse of children is one of the most heinous crimes."

More and more crimes are committed against children. More and more children are neglected. And more and more children, day by day are not getting their own space and time to be themselves. The reason is simply that we adults are not protective enough, and much less aware of the children’s concerns. The other reason is the absence of the significant people in their lives, due to death, abandonment and poverty. It all depends on how we see and perceive the vulnerability of children. Every child is vulnerable; the intensity is higher in some. Who is to take care of them? You! Every one and we! Be ready to be the first responder.

The UNICEF’s perspective is right when it says, “Some girls and boys are particularly vulnerable because of gender, race, ethnic origin or socio-economic status. Higher levels of vulnerability are often associated with, who are, indigenous, from ethnic minorities and other marginalized groups. Other risks for children are associated with living and working on the streets, and, and living in communities where inequality, unemployment and poverty are highly concentrated. Natural disasters, armed conflict, and may expose children to additional risks. Child refugees, internally displaced children and unaccompanied migrant children are also populations of concern. Vulnerability is also associated with age; younger children are at greater risk of certain types of violence and the risks differ, as they get older". If children are in vulnerable situation, they need immediate intervention.

Let each of us be a friend to the children who live in our homes, streets, schools and society.

If you see a child in a vulnerable situation, call us; call 1098! We will be there!