Do you have a heart for children?

For the past ten years, Saranalayam has been offering volunteer opportunity to various groups of people. If you have a heart for children, hands to reach out to them and an attitude to emphatically participate in their growth, Saranalayam will give you a chance to make it true. Various people want to volunteer at Saranalayam – Colleges, staff of Government departments, School Teachers, Religious and many. We don’t recruit volunteers directly. Your organization or individuals need to apply either in person or online for an opportunity.

Volunteering here in Saranalayam is very uplifting to those who come and be here. Volunteers have the option to choose where they want to work. The areas are Adoption Unit, Vidiyal Counseling Center at Alankulam, Home-Schooling at Saranayalaym, Child Line 1098, Rescue and other Awareness programs.

Volunteers should come with an open mind to adapt to the situation of the Children. They should first understand that the children here in the home have a different outlook on life as their childhood experiences are painful and unhealthy. The foremost attitude of a volunteer should be non-judgmental.

Saranalayam does not offer any reward to the volunteers; but one can be certain that the time spent at Saranalayam will definitely be a reward in itself. 

Those who would like to volunteers should download the Volunteer-Registration form, fill them and bring it to be approved by the Director of Saranalayam.

Let your presence and work uplift a child!

Click Here for downloading Volunteer Registration Form